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Gene Key Profile Guidance

Your Gene Key Profile can give you a profound window into your innate gifts and illuminate your purpose

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Your Gene Keys profile is a lyrical and multi-faceted description of your being. For me it feels like a gentle light in the darkness, showing you where to look, what to consider. Your understanding will develop over time by you coming back to it again and again to gain a fresh perspective and a deeper insight. My role is to introduce you to this rich landscape, help you to feel confident to embark on this exploration... ~JM

Dragonfly with dew.jpg
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I was introduced to the Gene Keys about four years ago. It was like someone had opened a portal to another world. Here was a place where I could explore what it means to be human, from a deeply personal perspective as well as a view of the universe. It has been my constant companion and has illuminated my understadning.

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