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My Background

Something I am enjoying the heck out of in my 50s is seeing how all the threads of my life so far are coming together in an unexpected and beautiful way. I’ve been lucky to have experienced a lot of variety in my life and in what I have done for work.


The two major threads of my work have been in engineering and mountain guiding. Engineering has given me a deep appreciation for process and seeing patterns, and love of problem solving. My time in the mountains has gifted me with understanding how to guide people through challenges, how to work really hard and a strong capacity to deeply enjoy the present moment.


Working with this process of eliminating limiting subconscious beliefs combined with the work I do with Vibrational healing is the perfect path for creatviely re purposing everything I have learnt and experienced so far.


I have been blessed to have had a ton of exterior adventures. Now my excitement is not about reaching a summit but more about delving  into the vast interior adventure we are all on.


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My Approach

 I’m not a life coach or therapist. I won’t help you make daily life decisions or give you relationship advice.

What I can help you do is get to the root cause of why you get in your own way . We’ll get to the heart of the issue, and allow you to choose a new perspective. 

Without those limiting beliefs weighing you down and clouding your visions, you will be able to focus on what you desire instead of fighting those limitations.

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