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What are subconscious Beliefs?

Before the age of 7 years our brain isn't fully developed. What this means is that we live in a space of being awash in what we experience. We have no capacity be objective or analytical. So when things happen to us, we interpret them as best we can, and come to conclusions about what those things mean. Those conclusions become subconscious beliefs that run like a program in the background, and we don't look directly at them again.

How this dance shows up in our lives relates to all the ways we get in our own way, or have behaviors we don't like yet struggle to change.

How is is possible to eliminate those beliefs?

Did you know that 95% of our brain power is in the subconscious? So our conscious mind, the one that we make decisions with, make plans with and can talk about our desires with only has 5% of our awareness to work with.

It's not a fair fight. 

So in your conscious mind you make a decision to ask for a promotion, to get over your ex, or start going to the gym. You know exactly what you want, to feel or to do. Yet you find yourself again and again doing for feeling the opposite. It feels like you have no choice.

That is because you don't.

With you conscious mind you make decisions and plans to make your life better, to make yourself happier. But here's the problem, the gorilla that is your subconscious doesn't care about your happiness. It only cares about your survival, about keeping you alive, keeping you safe.

What if you grew up in a house where your father berated you when you did something wrong, so every time you tried something new you learnt to be afraid of what he would say. You likely acquired the very common belief "Mistakes and failures are bad"

What this means is that your subconscious is tuned in and ready to step in anytime it looks like you are about to do something where you could make a mistake.

When you decided you want to ask for a promotion at work your conscious mind is all for it. Your subconscious is instantly cataloging all the ways you could do thing wrong, maybe you won't ask properly,  maybe you won't actually be able to do the job. So many potential places to make a mistake. 

And... because mistakes and failure are bad, you subconscious is going to do everything it can to protect you from the possibility  of that. Having more money, enjoying your work life more are not even on the radar of your subconscious.

End result, you put off asking, you find yourself on Instagram when you sit down to  write the application. The thought of asking fills your with terror. You just can't do it.

So how do we work with that?

We identify what I call a pattern, a pattern of behavior. For the above example we might land on a pattern on Not asking for what you want, or a pattern of Lack of self confidence, or a pattern of Fear of speaking publicly.  The one by one we find and eliminate the beliefs that hold that pattern together. There are an infinite amount of beliefs, some of the common ones are: I'm not good enough, I'm not important, Mistake and failures are bad, it's not safe to speak up.

We eliminate them via a process where you are able to understand when those beliefs were formed, and the conclusions you made as a young child, and knowing you can make other conclusions now that you are an adult.

It's an efficient and powerful process, we can move a lot in short amount of time. 

End result here is that you find yourself freely and without drama pursuing the desire of your conscious mind, because the gorilla of your subconscious no longer needs to fight.





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