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If you are curious about how we might work together, please book at  30 mins free exploration call.



Belief Sessions

What's holding you back? How do you get in your own way? How would you like to move through the world? What aspects of your behavior do you know don't serve you?

During these sessions we'll identify the block that is the most difficult for you. And then we will dive in to eliminate one by one the beliefs that hold that pattern in your life. Each sessions you'll feel lighter and clearer. Giving you the freedom move forward in your life.

Gene Keys Reading

1 /12 hours $150

Your Gene Key Profile gives you a profound window into your innate gifts and illuminates your purpose

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Vibrational Healing

Deep support for somatic processing

Feeling the music in your body allows you to drop into a deep state of awareness and relaxation where listening to your body is deeply healing.

Retreats and Ceremonies.

Vibrational Healing in your ceremony space

The vibration platform is a gentle and powerful support in ceremonial or retreat space. The set up is completely portable so I can travel and enhance and support the experience of your retreat participants.

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