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Jaya Marr

We’re clear on our goals and we put forth the effort. Yet we struggle to live the life we want and we feel at a loss to understand why  


I understand. When I was in the midst of the  heartbreak of the end of a 15 year  marriage and the collapse of a 10 year business I was a train wreck. And totally at a loss of how to navigate the bomb that had gone off in my life.

I was blessed to work with gifted belief coach. With grace and insight she helped me  to understand the root causes of how I got in my own way, and to address them head-on.


Then, it clicked. 


I could change behaviors and emotion I thought were hard baked into my being. In the process of discovering and eliminating subconscious beliefs I could change, in a breath. And leave behind for good beliefs that had ruled me. 


I saw the world, myself and other people with clarity. There is such freedom in that.

It  freed me up to live a life full of delight and potential.  I want to share my knowledge to help you live a life filled with your own version of delight.



Exploration Call

It’s been frustrating to not live the life I know I’m meant to have. After spending many years in therapy
and not getting the breakthroughs I wanted, I was referred to Jaya, and she changed my life.
Living day to day is not my issue. It was understanding why I was not able to get to the root cause of why
I couldn’t move fully into the direction I wanted. I knew it came from within me. Through her
compassionate ways, keen understanding about who I am, and ability to help me get to the essence of
my issues, we were able to identify them and change the story. I am now making more progress in three
months with Jaya than I had in 30+ years of therapy. Like anything, it’s hard to get to the cause of the
issue but that’s the only way to cure it. I highly recommend spending time with Jaya. She has an amazing
gift. Keith, Houston, TX.
(P.S. This needs to be shorter, so feel free to edit as you see fit. I think it’s important to call-out how you
are helping people getting to the core of their issue, not advising them on how to live their daily lives).

K, Houston Texas


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I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. Let your users get to know you.



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