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Belief Work

Clearing your view of life


Jaya Marr ~ Subconscious Belief Coach, NLP Practioner.

You are clear on your goals and you put forth the effort. Yet do you find yourself struggling to live the life you want and feel at a loss to understand why? 


I understand. When I was in the midst of heartbreak of the end of a 15 year marriage and the collapse of a 10 year business, I was undeniably a train wreck. I found myself totally at a loss of how to navigate the bomb that had gone off in my life.

I was blessed to work with a gifted belief coach. With grace and insight she helped me to understand the root causes of how I got in my own way, and to address them head-on.

Then, it clicked...

I could change behaviors and emotions I thought were hard-baked into my being. In this process of discovering and eliminating hapless subconscious beliefs, I discovered that I could change, in a breath. I learned to leave behind false beliefs that were running the show and ruling me. Healthier, more attuned beliefs emerged and seeded themselves into my core. 


I then over time saw the world, myself and other people with ever increasing clarity to be my natural self. There is such freedom and desire for self discovery amid this unfoldment.

This process freed me up to live a life full of delight and potential. I want to share my growth and knowledge to help you live a life filled with your own version of delight.




Exploration Call

Lets jump on a call and explore how we might work together

It’s been frustrating to not live the life I know I’m meant to have. After spending many years in therapy
and not getting the breakthroughs I wanted, I was referred to Jaya, and she changed my life.
I finally understood and eliminated  the root cause that had been preventing me from  moving fully into the direction I wanted.
 I am now making more progress in three months with Jaya than I had in 30+ years of therapy.

K, Houston Texas


Jaya helped me to see clearly and to move through a major heartbreak that I'd been living for over a year, in only 2 sessions. What a relief to be in the drivers seat of my life again.
My biggest realization was that how I was feeling and reacting was not about what I thought it was about. That gave me so much freedom.

B. Denver Co

Before I began working with Jaya, my biggest hurdles in life were around
boundaries (having almost none) and anger. No matter how hard I tried, I
could not get past these struggles; I suffered great lows and destructive
patterns of thinking.
Since working with Jaya, I have had a fundamental shift in my emotional and
mental well-being. I can now comfortably set boundaries. My work with Jaya has been life-
Jaya makes me feel safe. Her non-judgmental approach helped me to open up. She is someone who relates to people with incredible
I am eternally grateful to Jaya and the work that we have done together. I
wholeheartedly recommend Jaya without hesitation!

M. Oregon


207 671 2773    |

 329 Oak Ave, Paonia, CO 81428 and Denver CO

Great to hear from you!

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